Useful Tip of the Day

Never use petroleum based lubricants (such as vaseline or petroleum jelly) with a condom. These act as a solvent and compromise the integrity of the latex. Use only water or silicone based lubricants.

Play it safe fellas!

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Award-Winning Dick

So… My penis won an award. Doing a film shoot for a friend and the section of film that was voted “Biggest WTF Moment” was when the female actress had to look at my dick longingly after I asked the question “Where’s the cheese?”

That’s right ladies, my penis won an award. Not sure if I should be proud of it, but fuck it. Your lady parts ever won anything? :P

"A man" doesn’t count. 

The cigar makes this even more gorgeous!

The cigar makes this even more gorgeous!

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Change of tone

New philosophy: We Are gentleMen


barkbarkbarkbarkbarkbarkbarkbark asked: well this is fucking embarressing

Sure is. ^ It’s “embarrassing” ;P

Gotcha back.


If I go a day without crying more than once its a good day.

Me when I see 12yr-olds with ratties, short-shorts and knee high white socks smoking and calling each other cunts.

Faith in humanity = gone

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